A diamond in the making

State Ring

Now although me and Mr B were engaged over on the other side of the pond in NYC the sparkler has its roots firmly ‘set’ in Brighton. Mr B being in the men’s accessories trade and some time jeweller really had no excuse but to come up with the goods. So he called on close friend Mr Kyle McIntosh of Baroque Bespoke Jewellery in Brighton. Now as you might expect from the name, Kyle does not hail from Brighton, ach noo! (sorry about the accent) he is indeed a bonny scot. But having trained and cut his teeth on the rough diamonds in the jewelling trade down in Brighton he decided to stay and set up Baroque Bespoke with fellow Jewellers Pippa Knowles, Jason French and Phil Park. Baroque really is a sumptuous little find, nestled in the lanes. What I didn’t know was that Mr B spent countless hours in Kyle’s office, The Bath Arms, 3 doors down from Baroque discussing the sparkler over a pint or two of Guinness!

The Sparkler!

So the sparkler is uber contemporary design in yellow gold with a cunning groove shaped out of the side of the band. And this is the clever bit, in the groove sits the round cut diamond….genius! So thank you to Kyle (and Mr B) for crafting a cunning yet perfectly formed plan and a fabulous sparkler to boot! You’re a diamond! You can find Baroque bespoke for all manner of fine jems by going to 9 Union St Brighton or http://www.baroquejewellery.com XX

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