A little church and a lot of hotel…Part I

April 22, 2010 at 10:39 pm (Uncategorized) (durham coast venue, North east wedding venue, Seaham Hall, Serenity Spa, St Helens Church Kelloe)

St Helens Church Kelloe

Now although I live in beautiful seaside town of Brighton I do hail from a place somewhat further north than that.  Born and bred in God’s own country, County Durham I thought it appropriate to get married up north.  My folks still live in a little ex pit mining village called Kelloe in the same house I moved to when I was 3!  I’ve got a passion for the North and its always friendly people and the warm welcome you always get there. 

Kelloe Church is one of the oldest churches in the North East of England.  It’s Norman and was built as a stop off point on the pilgrimage to visit St Cuthbert’s final resting place in Durham Cathedral. It ticks a few boxes for me, its old and its grey and its pretty and I did my A Level Art study on the church when I was 17.  (So innocent back then!) So that’s a yes from me, decision made, tick!

Reception venue was the next job on the list….. I had a feeling this would not be so easy. We got in the car and ventured north to look at a couple of possibilities.  Now I hope I’m not being too much of a princess when I say I do not under any circumstances want to see another bride on my big day. Unbelievably some venues held multiple weddings on the day, up to 5!?  Not for me, Noooo!.. No way!  After a little looking it came down to 2 possible venues, Rockliffe Hall and Seaham Hall.  They are both beautiful venues, both also have 5 star hotels and spas, I loved both.  For Mr B there was no contest, only one possibility for him….Which will it be?

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