Sarah Arnett to launch bespoke designs at Leonie Claire

May 12, 2010 at 9:58 pm (Uncategorized) (Brighton bride, Leonie Claire Bridal, North East Wedding, Sarah Arnett Bride. Bespoke bride, Seaham Hall)


Sarah Arnett Delphine

Sarah Arnett Delphine

So all I’ve done for the past few months is think wedding dresses.  I’ve even dreamt of them.  Never have I been so excited as I was earlier in the week to receive an invite to a re-launch party at Leonie Claire Bridal.  Leonie is throwing a birthday party for her beautiful Brighton boutique which has been going now for 4 years! (Que high piched squeal!)

Added to that award winning local designer Sarah Arnett is offering a unique bespoke service at the shop.  So not only can you now buy form her new bridal collection but you can have a new dress deigned from scratch to boot!

I’m very excited about going to the party tomorrow.  Champagne and canapés are promised though I think I’ll be giddy just from looking at the dresses! X

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