Winter Wedding Lux

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With the sun continuing to shine outside and enjoying lovely long summer evenings its hard to think about the Autumn or Winter…….But plan we must! For those of you planning a Winter Wedding denisonboston has created a new range of cufflinks and accessories for Autumn Winter 2013.

The SPYDER Collection Fuses automobile styling and engineering with sports dive watch influences to create the ultimate in modern gentleman’s accessories.

Cufflinks, tie clips, dress studs & tie pins with ‘Spyder’ Stainless steel mesh detailing

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DARK MIDNIGHT is a collection with Sharp minimal detailing, a modern yet luxury collection.

Rich black, dark blues, brown and golds with opulent materials including abalone and snake.


Not only for weddings of course this could be party occasion wear or everyday wear for Gents if you’re so inclined.
Luxury modernism for the modern gentleman! Well! We all deserve a little bit of Winter Lux don’t we?

What do you think?

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