Shades of Grey and Teal


Moving to a new house we are in the process of thinking about colour palettes.  Mr B’s colour palette consists of Grey….er thats it! ……….Our company logo’s are grey, the sofa is grey and the plant pots are grey!


However I’ve been moving to a new hue and its kinda BLUE (that rhymes btw!) In our current flat we stained the floor a dark oak, opted for white walls and soft grey furnishings, grey rug, grey leather sofa (the softest in the world from DFS) and then I hung bluey/teal velvet curtains, found some matching teal cushions and remembered I had a suite of teal coloured Habitat stemwear….Handy!


After living with our shades of grey and hue’s of blue – I kinda like it……I think they will remain the basis for the colour palate of the new home….you never know we may be daring and opt for a shade a little darker!

Windows and shuttersLove


What do you think?

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