A satorial Expresso to get the year started…..

The beginning of January is a busy time of year in the menswear calendar. With hardly time to recover from New Year the second working day of January sees the launch of the equivalent of London Fashion Week….London Collections. Now in its third season and backed by the London Fashion Council and GQ editor Dylan Jones London Collections has a growing international audience and its supported by London’s leading lights in menswear.

Mr B and I would be attending rather unfortunately it overlaps with leading international menswear buying show Pitti Uomo the Papa on the international stage in the menswear buying calender.

As I write we are 25000 Ft above sea level on route to Pisa then on to the beautiful city of Florence. The show in itself is beautiful, not only is it set in Florence, city of romance, breathtaking architecture and good food, but also the actual show setting is stunning. Set in the old majestic fort, the ruin comes alive with hundreds of leading menswear brands. Beautiful collections from around the world to inspire, grab attention and get the buyers excited.

Talking of beautiful, did I mention the men? Not only is it set in Italy home of the well dressed Tuscan gent but this is the world of well dressed discerning sartorial gents sipping expresso’s, smoking cigarettes, generally just chatting and strutting in a beautiful pride of peacocks kind of way……prettending not to be posing for the hordes of pap photographers, journo’s and bloggers. (Photos to follow here ladies).

BELISIMA! Oh yes Italy is still my number one choice for this years shows.


An Honest Woman X



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