Weekend Weather – Wear Winter Warmers

Oh, Did you see this mornings weather report?  Rain Friday, rain Saturday, BIG storm on Sunday…..How depressing I thought.  Then I remembered my new Winter Coat.

So far this Winter I’ve worn my Vintage Grey fur Flea market find (£50 Department, Hove) which everyone loves, and while I love it for fashion engagements, nights out and formal wear I wanted a winter coat that looked snug and modern and practical and everyday.

When we were in Florence recently we found just that the perfect winter coat.  It’s by French label Sandro.  Beautifully designed it ticks all winter coat boxes.  Its a hooded Parka called Max (That’s what Sandro call it and its stuck!) Racoon fur trim hood and button placket.  Leather elbows and pockets.  Love, love, love it! Perfect for mid winter downpours, and particularly good for lifting the bleak mid winter spirits!

Here’s some pictures of me coming to walk in the Mews this morning looking pretty snug and smug….

Also some pictures of Mary Our Model….

We both wear Max Coat by Sandro (Its now sold out but similar available here )

Scarves by Modern Love and Jewellery by Sam Ubhi all available on http://www.bostonandboston.com

Bring on the rain!







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