Amanda Wakeley – London Fashion Week Salon Show

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Amanda Wakeley Salon show this London Fashion Week.  Situated in the heart of Mayfair Amanda’s beautiful store and showroom was full of London’s fashion pack from buyers and presenters to journalists and bloggers.

The show itself was amazing, using only a black and slightly monochrome palate, amanda’s shaping and tailoring stood out.  Amanda Wakeley draws influence from Winter in Japan, exploring the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, there was certainly a Japanese feel to the show with long fluid kimono type dresses and coats.  All sculpted to fit the beautiful female form.  I should mention the belts here, leather, knotted,waist cinching beauties.

I’m a fan of Wakeley’s dress cutting, I first bought a beige/gold 1940’s style floor length gown for a Ball back in the late nineties….Although I’ve not worn it for years I cant bear to part with it….perhaps it’s now vintage Wakeley?  Either way I’m as much of a fan now as I was back then…..You never know perhaps we can stock Wakeley accessories on Boston&Boston?











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