A Sneak Peek at MYLA AW14

It was one of those shopping trips, about 15 years ago in London that you can only have with a girlfriend.  One of us (possibly both of us) had split up with a boy and we needed cheering up, we needed to shop!


Liberty just for the thrill of it, Harrods for the handbag halls, Fortnum’s for lunch.  Over much giggling and Prosecco my girlfriend mentioned a new lingerie brand, MYLA, “You haven’t heard of it?” “We must go to Selfridges, It will change your life.”


And that was the defining moment, a British brand using Italian and French lace to make the most exquisite lingerie and sleepwear.  Combining classic glamour with sexy cool, luxury lingerie for all shapes, support without scaffolding, beautiful brilliance!  I had no money in my purse but a yellow bag full of little pieces of contemporary lace wrapped in pink tissue which would solve all of my woes.  I became a huge MYLA fan, as the years went on MYLA supported me through career changes, house moves, life stuff.


Last week I was invited to the press launch for MYLA AW14 upon telling the same trusted friend she commented, “Ah MYLA, that takes me back…..It’s all M&S and bravissimo now!” I had to agree MYLA had not been in my thoughts for some time, was it the price tag, weight, marriage, or age, that had let my love of lace lapse?

The PR team were welcoming; fabulous hotel suite, coffee, cake, rows upon rows of delicate, sexy, lingerie.  Luxurious underpinnings, balcony bra’s, babydoll nightwear & lace sets. “Would you like a fitting? PR Lilli enquired? “Why not,” I ventured instantly regretting it and remembering my washing machine greyish undies I’d chosen in haste this morning.

Lilli was kind, she understood that I’d slipped from MYLA days to M&S separates that I didn’t even try to coordinate.  I asked if the range was affordable and I was surprised to find two ranges (Isabella and the Nicole) which are signature continuity ranges that come at a slightly lower price.  I said my husband would be impressed. Lilli said that lingerie was for women, the wearers, of any age and she would be in touch.

A parcel arrived from MYLA.  Pretty box, ribbon, tissue paper, lingerie. A perfect fit, lace moulded loveliness. Ah, I am 25 again!


Amid the course of a women’s life, house moves, marriage, children, work and growing older, there’s not always time to work in sexy lingerie for you (or anyone else).  But I suggest this, don’t go out for dinner this week, raid the piggy bank or cash in the family allowance. Take some time out, take your friend and go spend the day in a department store, go to the lingerie counter and ask for MYLA, it may not change your life but it may give you a few more years of pleasure.

Thank you lovely Lilli of MYLA

Thank you girlfriends (you know who you are!)









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