Faux Fur Snow Lynx from Dennis Basso


cropped Dennis Basso

One of the most exciting things about Winter is snuggling up in layers of beautiful textures leather,mohair, cashmere, faux fur.

Light Brown Lynx  - QVC

Faux fur was always real furs cheaper sister until recent years…..this year however its Faux Fur that you must be seen in. Its been the talk of the catwalks, the fashonistas, and the high street.

Faux fur has now been developed in such a way that its actually softer and ultimately more wearable than real fur.

Dark Brown qvc

If you don’t know him Dennis Basso is the Daddy of Faux Fur and has been setting out his stall in New York for some years now.  By stall of course I mean Madison Avenue Boutique (Well you would Wouldn’t you!) so as you can imagine he is very well established stateside.

Grey fur

QVC now stock his luxury coats, the touch and velvety feel of which are easy to fall in love with.  I’ve fallen for the Snow Lynx Faux Fur in luxury shades of opulent white….below…

Snow Lynx Dennis Basso - QVC

It’s going to be my special occasion coat but they’re so wearable I’ll bet I find myself pottering to the shops in it…..Well it is Christmas!

Enjoy Love DSB x 

tiger qvc

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