Olympus PEN – The Best Digital Camera for Bloggers


I felt the need to tell you about the new love of my life……Apart from Mr B, Blue the puppy, my folks and the obvious stuff this new girl in my life is seriously sexy, all sleek lines and natural charm,  Yet she is easy, boy is she easy and so petit you can fit her in your pocket!

I’m talking of course about the Olympus PEN.  I’ve read countless accounts of this mult functional digital whizz of camera and I know many fashion bloggers who swear by it.  I’ve wanted a digital camera for ages, mine is old and heavy so I tend to rely on my iPhone for most blogging shots.

So the Olympus PEN is the sexy new revelation in my life, I’m just testing it out now before hopefully producing something special for London Fashion Week.

Meanwhile here are some sexy shots of the camera……

Hope you agree Pen looks pretty cool

Love DSB X 


One thought on “Olympus PEN – The Best Digital Camera for Bloggers

  1. I love olympus cameras. ❤
    I own a omd em5 but I want a pen too! They’re so pretty! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Have a nice day!

    Every Step is a Journey

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