Blush & Blue – Spring Denim from next

Happy February!

Congratulations!  You got through the January blues, cold weather, new gym membership and a detox.  I cant promise better weather in February, I suspect that the weather may take a turn for the worse.  However I can promise a fashion packed February.

Later in the month we have London Fashion Week for a look ahead at next season but for the minute lets look to the high street.  Sales have finished and hurrah! Spring collections have hit the shops. The biggest trend (if you can call it that as we all wear jeans) is Boho Denim.

Quite excited at the thought of moving away from skinny jeans (although not entirely) and on to flared flattering dreamy sort of folk look. Soooo fresh for spring, so easy to wear.

The new Next directory just came through my door and without even venturing to the high street I can see that they have this trend covered in a really good way which is also gentle on your pocket.

I love the Blush utility shirt and Blue couture flares, and this cape blanket, we don’t need to lose our warm jackets and boots just yet but lets ease ourselves into spring with this look,  gently now….
stripe blanket cape Blush Shirt Next nude shirt & Jeans Product strip blanket cape Soft Flare Jeans


All available on next day delivery from  This is not a sponsored post.

Love DSB X 


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