Urban Decay – Summer 2015

Morning all,


In the summertime like a chameleon, we change colour.  You may not think you change colour all year but in the summer we do tend to get more of a natural glow to our skin, we spend more time outdoors, we eat more fruit and veg, our hair changes colour and we tend to wear brighter clothes with more exposed skin.

Queue a summer palate of makeup!  I tan easily so my skin goes quite a few shades darker, also my hair goes quite a few shades lighter, now this means one of two things….

1/ I don’t need quite so much makeup and because I live by the sea and work from home I go for days without makeup in the summer, just a good moisturiser and a spritz of sea spray in my hair.

2/ Bizarrely my darker, summer, olive skin means I can wear more makeup! Brighter colours on my lips, rosy or coral shades on my cheeks and I can get away with crazy bright eyeshadow should I so desire, although electric blue to shop in Tesco’s on a Tuesday morning is probably a bit too much!

Diary of an Honest Woman DOAHW DOAHW DOAHW

Urban Decay understands that we change with the seasons and have created a new range of makeup for Summer 2015.

1/Multipurpose Primer Pencil – A wear underneath lippy primer or a top coat.

2/Revolution High Color Lip Gloss – Luxurious gloss in gorgeous nudes, bold brights and deep dark shades.

3/Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush – Soft creamy texture that applies beautifully

4/Eyeshadow – Velvety soft, high pigment shades, I went for Smudged Panda and Twice Baked and wasn’t disappointed!

I tried all of the above and especially like the lip primer and gloss, give them a try and let me know what you think….

Enjoy your day!

Love DSB X

3 thoughts on “Urban Decay – Summer 2015

  1. Thank you all. Yes, Lilly the blushes are beautiful colours and velvety soft, and I will do a summer makeup look, Arielle, fab idea!

    DSB X

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