Italian Summer Fig – The Body Shop

Italian Summer Fig

No three words sound better to me than ‘Italian Summer Fig’ I love the smell of fig, the house if full of fragrant fig candles that fill the air with sweet perfume and tell me, what’s better than Italy in the Summertime? The Italian riviera, the countryside, the Amalfi coast, the sea, and sand.

So when The Body Shop told me they were launching a new range of fragrances which would include Italian Summer Fig I was intrigued.


The new Voyage Collection is made up for five beautiful fragrances from around the world. Japanese Cherry Blossom, Fijian Water Lotus, Atlas Mountain Rose, Indian Night Jasmine and my favorite Italian Summer Fig.  Succulent Puglia Figs, slowly ripened under the Italian Sun. A bittersweet harmony of green leaves, juicy flesh, and woody facets.

The Collection represents a new more grown up dynamic for The Body Shop, multifaceted glass bottles have been designed with minimal branding, packaging incorporates a design from each region and the fragrances themselves are more complex and intriguing than usual from the body shop.  I’d happily display these on my dressing table sitting alongside Jo Malone and Miller Harris.

The only difference between some of the top perfumers offerings and The Body Shop is the price.  The Voyage Collection retails for a pocket-friendly £18.00 making it something you can spray on every day without breaking the bank!

Well done Body Shop, the Voyage Collection is right on track, unique and sophisticated, I’ll be visiting is many destinations the Summer through!

Love DSB X


3 thoughts on “Italian Summer Fig – The Body Shop

  1. Amazing pictures and I can almost smell it from here! Will def be popping into Body Shop to smell these! X

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