Five of the best Fake Tans

I’m not really one for fake tan.  I tan easily and spend a lot of time outside so I usually end with an olive glow which Mr B calls my farmers tan.


However due to this week’s inclement weather, I feel myself reaching for the bottle! Now having tested what’s on the market at the moment here are my top 5 tan top ups.

5/ Cocoa Brown 1hr Tan Mousse – This product seems to be everywhere on the market these days.  One of the better mousses it goes on well and tans evenly.  Good price and does the job!

4/ Fake Bake Amplify – If you want instant mega bronze this is your product.

3/ Sienna X –  Nice product goes on well, I tried the mousse which is probably not right for my skin, Skin Mist is available in this line.



2/ Body Shop – Honey Bronze Leg Mist.  This product works surprisingly well for the price, love the spray, no mess, fab!


1/ Tan Organic – Not that well known but fab product.  I like an oily base and this is a light oil that goes on evenly.  I find I can control the amount used by mixing a splash of Argan Oil – This works especially well in Winter to give just a hint of colour.


I cant go without mentioning James Read Overnight Tan – This is a brilliant product, its easy, ovenight and works so well.  I liked it so much I’ve used up all of my samples!


Do you agree with my selection?  Whats your favourites?

Love DSB X

One thought on “Five of the best Fake Tans

  1. Loved this! I’m such a tan addict

    Great blog by the way, followed you would love if you checked out mine!

    Amie x

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