BBC Proms 2015 – Ibiza

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I love music.  All music.  Well most.

BBC 6 Music is my musical baromiter, its a little bit indy, a little bit egdy, a little bit 40 something if I’m honest.  I’d listen to it all day if I could but because I share our studio office with Mr B he insists that I listen to some dance music in the afternoons.

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After Lauren Lavern takes us up to lunchtime our conversation goes something like this

Him; ‘Whats this durge?’

Me; ‘This is quality music’

Him; ‘This is old man music, all your musical heroes are dead!  At least I’m current!’

Me; ‘your about as current as a current bun!’

And so it continues, one day this week however Mr B chose something in the afternoon which made my ears prick up, it was ‘Pete Tong’s BBC1 Ibiza Prom‘.  Didn’t think I’d ever see those words in the same sentence!

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Pete curated the best of classic Ibiza dance in The Royal Albert Hall with the help of the Heritage Orchestra, the result is nothing short of jaw-droppingly good! Let’s just say The Royal Albert Hall ain’t danced this way in a long time.

If you’ve not seen it go to BBC iPlayer this weekend and watch it, and if you’re anywhere near 40 you will know every classic dance song.

If you like this Prom, check out these others, Seth McFarlane & Sinatra and BBC 6 Music Prom.

A touch of class!

Love DSB X


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