Jumpsuit Season

The other day the weather was choosing to be incredibly British.  Storms and rain in the morning, blowing a gale at lunchtime and sunny by the afternoon.  I had a 4pm meeting in Brighton, so what to wear? Aside from packing my brolly, I’d no idea.


Then I remembered on the back of my wardrobe door a boilersuit/jumpsuit type of all-in-one given to me by a friend.  From time to time my very good friend and I swap some outfits, turns out her mum had bought the jumpsuit in a next sale some years earlier, then had given it to my friend who after another year of sitting in her wardrobe had handed it down to me.  It had never been worn.

This is what I love about clothes, I’d then probably had the jumpsuit for about three months over the Summer slowly gathering dust, then bang, one day the conditions are just right and I’m longing to wear the jumpsuit, I put it on with sandals, a leather jacket and a cross body bag, I resist the need to wear aviator sunglasses, I am Kelly McGillis in Top Gun, it’s the 80’s and I’m ready to rock.



I go to my meeting, flying in on my MIG jet, Tom Cruise at my side.  Then low and behold the one of my lovely clients is wearing a grey jumpsuit (somewhat newer, trendier, more 2015 than mine, Zara actually, similar here).

After a good meeting thrashing out London Fashion Week I am content in the fact that I am not Kelly McGillis, and I won’t be riding home on a motorbike in Miami to Tom Cruise, but hey if I can still cut it in a three times handed down 1980’s style boiler suit I’ll take that!



Love DSB X

Bag available at Boston&Boston

With love to Danielle and Natalie of Lady Loves Fashion. XX


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