Topshop Magnificent Sock Boots

I posted last month about the breadth and genius of this years TOPSHOP Winter Boots Collection.  Leather, decent heels and a reasonable price.  Whilst browsing the Women’s Department of Fenwick Newcastle I stumbled into the Topshop concession.   Then I saw them, black ankle boots made of the softest leather, chunky yet reasonable 3.5″ heel round ish toe, but what grabbed my attention was the way the top of the boot continued up the leg and turned into a sort of leather sock.

32M11IBLK_2_large 32M11IBLK_3_large

I tried them on. The zip skimmed my ankle like a dream then kept on going up my leg, raw leather edge turning into bare skin.  I was somewhere between Victorian London and the Wild West, luckily I was wearing a skirt, they work perfect with a skirt, I’ll say it again, they work PERFECT with a skirt, never before has a leather boot, bare leg and ankle combo worked so well, no hard leather welly tops, no gaping ankle air where the top of your boot is not talking to your leg.

Part Florence Nightingale, part Annie Get Your Gun, I walked around the shop floor, I noted a general comfort in the size of the heel and the length of the sock.  Then the shop assistant said the magic words, “That’s the last pair left in your size, ” and “even the TOPSHOP store sold out yesterday”.


Hearing the calm before the storm Mr B stepped in and offered to pay for them as an early birthday present.  Hallelujah!  There is a God and she’s a TOPSHOP designer.

I give you the MAGNIFICENT Sock Boot


Love DSB X

One thought on “Topshop Magnificent Sock Boots

  1. Been eyeing this for a while, so thank you for providing just the right information to put me over the edge. How are the boots holding up for you?

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