Sunday Supplement #12


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I’m loving the weather at the moment.  Hot and sunny Friday so lunch with the girls and delayed birthday celebration, amazing cards and gifts, in particular, this gold leaf cuff from Mojiana, local jewellery designer. check her out.

IMG_9963 IMG_9955

Which got me thinking, I have some lovely gold jewellery, somewhere.  I dug deep into my jewellery stash and found an old gold watch I’d not worn for ages, a beautiful gold and carnelian pendant from Baroque Brighton and my Gran’s antique Gold Locket.

Autumn is such a lovely time to delve back into old jewellelry, especially if its gold.  Dressed in my new found bling I spent Saturday at Shoreham local farmers market and lunch with the folks.  What a treasure trove Shorham by Sea is.  Just a few miles down the road from Brighton its a bustling market town filled with cafes and charity shops full of vintage finds and antiques.



Which brings me on to my new favourite thing…..Vintage coats.  I’ve picked up some amazing coat and jacket bargains this Autumn from Charity shops.  My favourites are a tan leather bomber and a full length camel crombie, with a fur collar, er hello?  Camel and tan go amazingly well with my new found gold jewellery booty may I add?



I’ve also nabbed one of the beautiful Camel leather rucksacks by Jas MB in our Boston & Boston stock.

Officially taking ones stock for personal use needs to be accounted for and this is known as ‘shrinkage’.  I kid you not!

Anyway beautiful weekend topped off with my favurite things  – walking the dog on the south downs followed by pub roast and the most amazing sunset.

Easing myself into Sunday night now with the fire lit and Downton Abbey.

Maybe Autumn is my favourite season?  It’s certainly the most beautiful.

Love DSB X


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