Beauty Picks – February

Hey hello

It’s February and the first month of the year has passed.  No signs of Spring weather as yet, so far just cold wet grey days.  So I thought I’d share my skincare routine for Winter and how I’ve stepped it up. Take care of your skin in Winter and you will emerge in Spring all beautiful and new, like the first snowdrops.

So I’m switching between cleansers, my everyday cleanser is the Collagen Cleanser from SBC.  It’s beautifully soft and gentle yet I feel it adds a bit of a collagen plump.  My other specialist cleanser is more like a scrub, it’s actually a fine polish, Gazelli Tripple Youth Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish to give it it’s full name.   I love the way it smooths and polishes skin without scrubbing too deep in the Winter months.

In terms of moisturiser, I’ve also gone for an ultra rich collagen option from Proto-Col.  It’s actually a face mask which can be used as a moisturiser, deliciously rich and smooth.


I use more facemasks in the Winter months and this year I’ve been switching between Delarom’s Clay Moisturising Mask and ARK’s Hydration Injection Masque, both add that little bit of extra moisture.

Finally, and this really is my absolute epitome of luxurious Winter evenings, a long hot bath with candles and Olverum bath oil and Nancy Lo Luxury Shaving Creme.

That’s me in my happy place, all pampered and glowing, what’s your Winter skincare routine?

Love DSB x


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