The Best Cleansing Waters

I think it was a Couple of years ago that I read “wipes are for babies bottoms not for your face” from the fabulously straight talking beauty blogger Caroline Hirons.

I don’t think I’ve used a cleansing wipe since. Wipes leave a sticky residue on your face which I always end up washing off.

For many years I used only water on my face, however, I’ve found my ageing skin benefits a weekly deep cleanse and daily product clean.

Cleansing water or micellar water is now firmly in my daily routine although it’s taken me a little time to work out my favourites.

I’ve pictured my favourites here. All cleanse and wipe away makeup effectively. However, one comes out the overall winner. Bioderma – Crealine H2O – Solution micellaire demaquillante.  At around £15 a bottle, it is not the cheapest option (Amazon do 2 bottles for £17) or do as me and my cousin Claire, take a trip to France to stock up, the micellaire or miracle water (as I like to call it) is sold in every pharmacy for a fraction of the price!
Love DSB X

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