El Oceano – Honest Travel

El Oceano is a dream of a Hotel. Nestled in a naturally beautiful cove along Mijas Costa in Andalucia.

The hotel boasts five star beautifully decorated rooms, an award winning restaurant and perhaps most impressively a swim up Polynesian bar with views overlooking the Mediterranean.

I first visited El Oceano around my tenth birthday, back then it was a members club with day passes for people who wanted a taste of the high life. I remember the swim up bar, the heated indoor pool, and the jacuzzi.  It was a dreamy paradise the likes of which I’d never encountered.  We visited on and off over the next ten years.

Once at University my horizons broadened and travel to Australia beckoned.  My Mum and Dad continued to go to Spain and El Oceano, but my love of travel developed and working as a travel PR took me around the globe.

This year I returned to El Oceano with my husband and wow!  It still holds its unique charm and character but its corners have been smoothed out into a slick five-star hotel.

We didn’t stay in the hotel but treat it more as a day spa.   We paid 50 Euro’s for a VIP bed next to the pool to stay the whole day.  The waiters and staff were so attentive and friendly.  We lounged by the pool, swam, drank cocktails and had an amazing day.

We ate lunch in the restaurant and liked it so much we stayed for dinner.

El Oceano is beautiful, luxurious and exclusive.  It’s not cheap but as an occasional treat, it holds all of the trappings of five-star luxury.

At the end of the day, my husband turned to me and said, “This explains a lot!”, “if you had this kind of luxury when you were ten years old.”

I remembered a Dorothy Parker quote, ” Take care of the Luxuries and the Necessities take care of themselves.”

Thank you El Oceano for helping to shape my dreams.

Happy Wedding Anniversary JJB.  Love you more every day.



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