A diary full of notes on how to style my own wedding in only six months back in 2010 which turned into a blog on wedding style tips as I went along the wedding planning journey.

After I became an honest woman I continued to share my experiences and working as a fashion PR I can give a real, honest insight into the industry.

My day job involves supporting both new and well-established fashion and accessories labels with traditional print media and digital and social media, as they grow and bring their exquisite, artisan designs to the fore with my PR Company SimpsonBoston

Now as a over 40 honest woman,  Diary of an Honest Woman has matured and is just that, my honest account, opinions, tips and musings on not only wedding style but fashion style, home style, lifestyle.

PS I love our fast moving interactive digital world, you can catch me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest, or the 17.36 Southern train between London, Brighton and Southwick.

Love, Deborah Simpson Boston X 


Delphine web crop

One thought on “About

  1. Ask me what brought me to your blog. The title! “Diary of an Honest Woman” Would love to hear more from you.🙂



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