The Upgrade Dress

August 18, 2010 at 11:22 am (the dress) (Leonie Claire Bridal, Sarah Arnett Bespoke Bride, Seaham Hall)

British designer Sarah Arnett opens for the summer in Brighton

I went on business to New York with Mr Boston.  The first time we have been back since the engagement.  For reasons only known to the UKTI they gave him a business class seat and I got stuck in cattle class! Well I thought, I’m not having that so I donned my best Sarah Arnett (ready to wear dress) and checked into the business class lounge.  I explained to the ground staff our situation and they took pity on us and upgraded me to World traveler plus which is sort of in between economy and business class, explaining that you can only upgrade one class and not two.

  “Humph!” I thought.  So I walked into business class and chatted to Mr B, mouth down to my feet.  Two of the lovely airhostesses noticed the dress and started chatting to me about where it was from.  I told them about Sarah and about the wedding dress and eventually told them that we unfortunately could not sit together.  “Let us take care of that!” They said.  They promptly asked the purser if I could upgrade and he said yes.  I had a lovely flight, delicious food.  The dress is now known as the upgrade dress!

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August 1, 2010 at 11:19 am (the dress) (Leonie Claire Bridal, Sarah Arnett Bespoke Bride, Seaham Hall)

First fitting today of something which is called the toile.  It’s the first time the dress has been made up so the toile is used to get the perfect fit and shape. Anne a very talented seamstress took time to pin and tuck here and there until Anne, Sarah Arnett and Leonie Claire were all happy with the fit.  Even thought it was just made in lining fabric it looked stunning.  Oh my goodness, nearly there.  I have the beginnings of something perfect…..the most beautiful dress in the world!

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Bespoke Bride!

July 24, 2010 at 11:17 am (the dress) (Leonie Claire Bridal, north east bride, Seaham Hall)

Today I returned to Leonie Claire Bridal in Brighton to meet with Sarah Arnett.  The shop smelled of perfumed candle and was full of beautiful gowns.  Leonie and her lovely team greeted me with a beaming smile and a much needed coffee. 

Sarah was sitting on a sofa drawing, “I think I have just the dress for you” she said “Wow!” I said looking at her sketch! She talked me through the concept and talked of silk, georgette, crystal and sparkles!  Of course I can’t tell you exactly what the dress is like only to say that it’s the one. I tried on some similar shapes to give me a feel for it.

The thing is, although I’ve not seen the dress I utterly trust her designs.  I know that it will be amazing in every way yet quite me at the same time.  How clever to be able to do that?

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The Sarah Arnett Effect

July 11, 2010 at 11:02 am (the dress) (North East Wedding, Sarah Arnett Bespoke Bride, Seaham Hall)

I recently attended a Sarah Arnett sale.  It was a ready to wear sale from her last collection and was held in a pop up shop in central Brighton.  Mr Boston was on business nearby and said that he would rendezvous with me at the shop. Sarah’s clothes have this almost cult like following amongst women and word had got out that there was going to be a sale.  Doors didn’t open til 6 and the queues began to form at around 3.  Dresses were in some cases quarter of the price.  You can imagine the kind of bun fight that ensued.  I grabbed a beautiful silk kimono dress and a couple of day dresses, but lo and behold I also found 4 matching floor length gowns which would be beautiful for my bridesmaids. The print looked vintage 1930’s in the most beautiful hues of grey and pink.  I snapped them up.  When I looked outside Mr B was watching from the alley.  “Quite extraordinary Wildlife!” He exclaimed! “It was much like vultures descending on a flock of gazelles.”  I turned around to see that in less than an hour the shop had been stripped of all its contents.  That’s the Sarah Arnett effect turns usually same women into predatory animals.

That included me!  I bagged 4 stunning gowns…..the girls will be pleased!

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