Divine Delarom – Parisienne Skincare

Divine Delarom – Parisienne Skincare

If you follow my blog you will know that Im a huge fan of Parisienne skincareNo country quite understands the skin as much as our friends across the channel.

I was first introduced to Delarom by those in the know purveyors of beauty Urban Retreat, I wrote about how much I loved the brand way back in May last year see here. The Lifting creme and balance oil have become staples in my bathroom cabinet ever since.
So this summer Ive been trying some new products from the Delarom laboratory.

Slimming Perfection CremeIve been trialing this cream for over a month now and I can see a difference around my tummy and thighsIt combines red seaweed with essential oils as well as caffine and green coffee extractThese eliminate fatty acids, in a nutshell, use it regularly and it drains toxins, smooths cellulite and boosts new cell growth.

Divine Delarom – Parisienne Skincare

Eye Contour Pro Cellular SerumThis is both an anti ageing serum designed for the delicate area around the eyes and also a dark circle brightener, brown seaweed extract and IRIS work together and cleverly brighten the eyes, after a month of applying only once a day my eyes have become sparkly again.

Codage White CreamWhen I saw this cream I though, I dont have dark spots, yetIm not that old, however, I started to use it and its remarkable, its a true brightener for the skinI dont use it every day but days when my skin looks tired or dull a whack a bit of this beauty boost on my skin and zap, instant uplift.
Take a look at the range for yourself, www.urbanretreat.co.uk, I cant shout about it enough.
Have a great day!

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