Miller Harris – From Concrete to Flowers

Miller Harris

I’ve long been a fan of Miller Harris perfume, to me the name conjures the distinct and complicated notes of a real perfume, as if the perfume itself is telling a story from where it came. Lyn Harris has been working in the fragrance industry for more than twenty years and founded Miller Harris in … Continue reading

London Fashion Week – Insider Beauty Tips


London Fashion Week is over for another season and while I may have repetitive strain injury from working a multitude of social media platforms, and feet that have the gnarly look of walking around in heels over London’s cobbled streets for five days, I’m happy to report my ‘made-up’ face survived the flash bulbs, queues … Continue reading

Happy New Clarisonic

Deborah Simpson Boston Clarisonic 1

I like to think I’m fairly in the know about new technology, early adopter to this, first to get that, but when it comes to skincare I’m way behind the curve. Regular readers will know it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve discovered skincare other than basic moisturiser and a wet flannel. … Continue reading

Autumn Skincare


This time of year as the seasons change from warmer to colder weather I tend to update my beauty regime and add a few extra steps.  I thought I’d post my current products which are slightly richer in texture and provide more hydration during the months when your skin is exposed to colder weather and … Continue reading



Every once in a while a skincare product comes around that makes you take note.  Not because of the hype or the promotion but because you try it for yourself and you really notice the difference. I was asked to try Aurelia  Miracle Cleanser quite some time ago, I loved the smell, all eucalyptus, chamomile, … Continue reading

SBC – Simply Beautiful Collection


I’m a big fan of Arnica Gel, my Mum introduced me to SBC’s Arnica Gel years ago, ‘Use it on that bruise”, “Arnica will take down the swelling”.  We also swear by it in our house for anything from aches and pains, to arthritis and eczema.  I can’t claim it cures either but its soothing, … Continue reading

DELAROM Paris – Urban Retreat at Harrods

delarom (1)

I write this blog today as a reformed character. I’ve spent years abusing my skin by not taking off make up, too much sun, coffee, alcohol, and late nights have added ‘life’ lines! For the most part of my misspent youth I revolted against skincare regimes in favour of a hot muslin cloth and a … Continue reading

Braun Satin Hair 7 – An Iconic Brush


I am blessed with the gift of unruly hair.  Sometimes its curly, sometimes I tame it into some sort of submission and it stays straight for a while, until it decides to ping free from its straight shackles and form some kind of wiry curl. Mornings are always interesting in our house, Mr B says … Continue reading


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