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Sunday Supplement #18


What a difference a week makes!  Last Sunday I was hot footing it around Venice, plane, train, car, gondola, some work, some play.  More on that next week on the blog….

This working week back to a crazy Black Friday Weekend. Erm Christmas is a month away, is it not? Must we rush to buy presents this week? Black Friday is an American Thanksgiving tradition, about family, friends, celebration.

All that travelling and rushing around and the thought of Black Friday, busy shops, and queues and sales…Ugh! Makes me think about what I’m looking forward to about Christmas.

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Christmas is about family, and so are Sundays.  My family got together tonight and we cooked a roast with all the trimmings. Amazing food, good company and laughter.

This week is the beginning of December, we will buy our tree, find last years baubles, mend the twinkly lights.

I’m trying to pick the best presents this year and write tags and Cards that are a little more personal than usual.

After all dont you get a fabulous feeling from giving a present that’s really appreciated?

My gift lists will be coming out this week, stay tuned to social media.

Night x

Love DSB X

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Sunday Supplement #16

Here we are half way through November and I’m finally feeling the ‘C’ Word…..  Christmas that is!

I’ve made a list of presents to buy, I’ve scoured department store magazines and spent countless hours surfing gifts online.

Yesterday we braved Brighton on a Saturday in the pouring rain, as a rule, I try not to do Brighton on a Saturday, but my parents are visiting so we thought we would start shopping for my godchild.

Of course, it was a huge bosh! dark stormy days with shoppers running to miss the showers, brollies blown inside out and the ultimate hot sticky trauma of store air con/heating when you discover your cable knit alpaca jumper is a shade too hot for the shops and your merino wool scarf has stuck to the back of your neck with sweat.


The day was not an entire disaster, we did end up eating cheese scones and drinking coffee in Marks&Spencers Cafe (which is never a bad thing) and we did find some beautiful gifts from M&S Kids department.

This got me thinking, I’m not sure I want to do anymore Christmas Shopping in store, apart from making an annual pilgrimage to London to see the Christmas windows (and do a little gift haul for moi) I shall be shopping online.

Which brings me to some stats…..

  • UK shoppers buy up to one-third of gifts online.
  • US shoppers buy 45% of gifts online.
  • The avarage Briton spends £350 a year on Christmas Gifts.
  • British Shoppers spend more on gifts than any other European country.
  • As a nation we spend collectively £75 billion in the 6 weeks leading up to Christmas
  • 9 in 10 people now buy at least one gift online.
  • Last year Black Friday saw shoppers spend up to £10,000 a second.

Next week I will be starting with my Christmas gift guides, but please don’t spend too much on Christmas gifts and give something, however small to Charity this Christmas.

#Care at Christmas


Love DSB X

PS Black Friday is 27th November

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Dec The Halls

Shopping for Christmas trees the possibilities are endless, Pine? Spruce? Fir? where to begin? First things first. How big do you want your tree? Theres no point buying a 9 foot tree when you only have a small space. Measure the space. If your space is small go for potted trees or more than one. Clusters of small table trees look good or perhaps you don’t go for a tree at all and opt for seasonal foliage or flowers?

If you do go for a tree you could always take away the bottom branches which allows the tree to drink more water (thus reducing needles falling) and this gives you some extra branches to play with.

This year we have opted for a Noble Fir. Big feathery branches in a silvery blue hue of green. I’ve kept decorations on the tree simple in shades of teal, turquoise and silver to complement the dark teal colour of the room.

With the extra branches I’ve made a wreath for the door and a focal point for the mantle by adding eucalyptus leaves, twinkly lights and a couple of decorative pheasants! Sounds odd but it works.

The house is a beautiful mix of pine and eucalyptus with hues of teal, green, blue and silvery twinkly lights and candles!

Oh I love Christmas, beautiful natural decorations, and that fresh tree smell, I’d like a tree all year around! I’ll be satisfied with Christmas!

Now for the curtains and fire! ……A women’s work is never done!