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Spring Summer 2018 Fashion – Catwalk Collections at Charity Shop Prices

At long last the sun is here, and it finally feels like Spring.  Excellent news!  I think I speak for the whole Nation when I say we were all beyond happy to feel the sun on our faces.  Then you look in your wardrobe to pull together a Spring outfit but all you see is jumper, jumper, jeans, boots, jumper.  Sound familiar?

Fear not.  Believe it or not it is possible to achieve catwalk looks at charity shop prices.  I’ve attended the Spring Summer 2018 catwalk shows and noted the trends, but catwalk prices are not for everyone, so I’ve been to The British Red Cross Shop in Shoreham By Sea to translate these trends into affordable looks.


So many of the big-name designers Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors and Erdem Returned to the 1980’s obsession with pastel.  Remember that yellow pastel jumpsuit of your youth or the peach rara skirt?  The British Red Cross holds a number of vintage items and trust me 1980’s is going to be a popular choice for the Spring.

If you don’t want to return to the Eighties, then I found some beautiful simple dresses in pastel tones that have been donated by high street stores.  We call these items Encore and the donated high end designer store items we call Scarlet (Yes with one t!).  Ask in your local BRC store.


I know I’ve just talked about the popularity of pastels and now I’m contradicting myself by saying go bright, you will have to trust me on this one.  A bright shock of Red, Coral, Orange, Purple or Green is just the thing to wow for a spring wedding, go bold with sun dress and accessories.  On the catwalks it was either head to toe one mono colour or clashing bold colours, think red trousers pink shirt.  Be brave.


Oh, you may say, I’ve been wearing jeans for years.  This seasons denim is constructed into beautifully crafted jackets, trouser suits and dresses.  Charity shops are full of huge quantities of denim I found an unusual dress and skirt from the Scarlet collection here.  The beauty of a charity shop is that you can buy some items for very little and experiment.

The strappy Dress

Think back to the 1990’s Kate Moss is in her early days of modelling and pictured at a party in a sheer dress.  The dress, which was cut on the bias with shoe lace straps, was loved by the press and called a nightie by the tabloids.  And so, the strappy dress was born.  This year its back wear it on its own, with ruffles or with a T-Shirt underneath, I found so many possibilities in store.

If I had to summarise the looks for Spring Summer I’d say they were joyful and fun.  The catwalks also told a story of sustainability in fashion, choosing were you shop is also set to be a trend, you can’t really get shop more ethically than The British Red Cross.

The British Red Cross Shop in Kensington and Chelsea are holding their Spring Event on Thursday 24th May 12-8pm.

A press breakfast to preview the collection is open to press and bloggers on 24th May from 10 am-12 noon.

Get in touch for more details.


Deborah x

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What to buy in the sales now | M&S

I don’t really like sales shopping and will avoid busy places such as Brighton and Oxford Street during sales periods. Fortunately we have an out of town mall not far from us with a huge Marks&Spencer. 

I took my mum on a weekday afternoon so not quite as busy, which worked well. 

The key for me when sales shopping is to not go for things you wouldn’t ordinarily buy and are now tempted just for the price.

Quite often if you follow your own style rules you will come away with some fab pieces and may not need to try on, thus avoiding long hot queues. 

I kept my colour palate simple as I was shopping for versatile pieces for my holidays.

Autograph white T Shirt and Cream Full Midi Skirt……….

The T Shirt is very Cos like and quite structured for a T with a simple pocket and a bonded hem. 

The skirt is beautiful it has so much material heavy cotton, with pockets and reduced from £50 to £25 such a bargain. 

Stripy strappy Blouse and Striped 3/4 Wide legged pant……..

Love this top. The stripes keep it simple though you can play around with the bows for different looks. 

The pants are the perfect holiday pants,  off white with a stripe so you are far enough away from white jeans. Also practically shorter than palazzo pants so you can wear from the Mediterranean to the City. 

Shop the M&S sale here

M&S Sale 
Hope you liked the post.  Have a great week, Love DSB X 

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Honest Christmas Guide for Her

Here it is the definitive gift guide for her. Gentlemen take note you can’t really go wrong  with any of these beautiful buys.

For Her
1. 3 L’Imperatrice, Dolce & Gabbana, Amazon
2. Amazon Fire Tablet, 7” Magenta
3. Heaven by Deborah Mitchell, Bee Kit.
4. Monogrammed Necklace, Thomas Sabo
5. Sanctuary Spa, Votive Candles
6.  Wool Cape, Cos
7. Elemental Herbology, Bathing Infusions, Look Fantastic.
8. Dogs in Vouge, Red Cross Shop Shoreham.
9. Revlon Orofluido Original Hair elixir
10. Makki Black Eel Skin Clutch, Boston & Boston

Hope you like my suggestions, follow links for more information, oh and one more thing fellas, you can never go wrong with a bling cocktail Ring.  The ring pictured above is Victor & Rolf for Atelier Swarovski.  This one is no longer available however you can’t go far wrong with any cocktail ring from Atelier Swarovski.

Happy Christmas

Love DSB X

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Sunday Supplement #36

A couple of weeks ago over dinner with friends, I was introduced to the Danish idea of ‘Hygge’.  Now I knew the Danes have an amazing sense of style but I knew nothing of this Scandi coated lifestyle nonsense.  Over dinner, I learned it’s the way the Danes get through the cold dark winter by restoring and recharging, and a rule, come ritual by which they live.

My dinner companions were the beautiful and talented Danielle and Natalie from LadyLoves blog.  I’ve since learned a thing or two about Hygge, with the ladies dedicating the month of October to all things Hygge related.

Hygge is about mindfulness and living in the present, it’s enjoying and partaking, friends for dinner, drinks in a nice hotel.  It’s also about making time for yourself in equal amounts doing the little things that give you so much pleasure.

I met a lovely lady this week who said she read my blog, after feeling first embarrassed, then flattered I listened to why she read it.  She explained her favourite post,  I had an unplanned day at home, and with a zillion things to do I drank a pot of tea in the late Summer sun and arranged Hydrangeas!  Totally self-centered gratification.  This is my Hygge.

If Hygge is to be ‘self-indulgent’, no, better word,  ‘self-mindful’ then Sunday is my Hygee.  Waking up late in freshly laundered sheets, a cup of tea and Monty Don on TV with his gardening jobs for the weekend.  We walk the dog on the beach or over The South Downs.  Stopping for a hearty brunch, kippers, eggs, bacon, avacado.  Whatever I like, because I’m in Hygee, I will not count calories, I shall indulge.

Sunday afternoons bring a spell of writing usually in my office surrounded by candles and flowers, today the candles are from Floris and Noble Isle the flowers are the dried smell of wheat, eucalyptus and roses.  Definitely more Autumnal now.

Writing and listening to music is my big indulgence, they are my symbiotic Sunday rights of passage.  As I sit at my desk I can hear the dulcet tones of John Peel from 1970, the sounds and smells provide the background to my Sunday Supplement writing session and make the fabric of my Hygge.  This feels good!

Once I’ve finished writing I’ll throw some meat and veg in a big pot, I might take a bath, swathe myself in delicious body potions, read the Sunday papers or watch a bit of weekend TV.

The night will end curled up on the sofa eating a warm bowl of goodness with a glass of red in hand.  Mr B and Blue doing exactly the same thing next to me.  Maybe Blue won’t have the wine but she loves a Sunday Supper.  And after we will snooze smelling of bath oils in our slippers until the time comes to put out the candle and say goodnight.

Now I know this sounds idyllic, and, of course, it doesn’t always go like this, (how many times did I rearrange the candle and my mug of tea?)  Life is not always as perfect as your Instagram feed.  In this crazy fast paced word in which we live and as a women, in particular, celebrate yourself and all that is good.  I may not go to church but I do practice a religion on a Sunday; me, home, our little loving family and the good things in life.

For more on Hygge check out Lady Loves blog here.

Love DSB

Noble Isle, Rhubarb Rhubarb Candle and Body Hydrator here.

Leonor Greyl hair oil and body oil here.

Monu Spa Recovery Balm and Body Oil here.

All images DSB x

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El Oceano – Honest Travel

El Oceano is a dream of a Hotel. Nestled in a naturally beautiful cove along Mijas Costa in Andalucia.

The hotel boasts five star beautifully decorated rooms, an award winning restaurant and perhaps most impressively a swim up Polynesian bar with views overlooking the Mediterranean.

I first visited El Oceano around my tenth birthday, back then it was a members club with day passes for people who wanted a taste of the high life. I remember the swim up bar, the heated indoor pool, and the jacuzzi.  It was a dreamy paradise the likes of which I’d never encountered.  We visited on and off over the next ten years.

Once at University my horizons broadened and travel to Australia beckoned.  My Mum and Dad continued to go to Spain and El Oceano, but my love of travel developed and working as a travel PR took me around the globe.

This year I returned to El Oceano with my husband and wow!  It still holds its unique charm and character but its corners have been smoothed out into a slick five-star hotel.

We didn’t stay in the hotel but treat it more as a day spa.   We paid 50 Euro’s for a VIP bed next to the pool to stay the whole day.  The waiters and staff were so attentive and friendly.  We lounged by the pool, swam, drank cocktails and had an amazing day.

We ate lunch in the restaurant and liked it so much we stayed for dinner.

El Oceano is beautiful, luxurious and exclusive.  It’s not cheap but as an occasional treat, it holds all of the trappings of five-star luxury.

At the end of the day, my husband turned to me and said, “This explains a lot!”, “if you had this kind of luxury when you were ten years old.”

I remembered a Dorothy Parker quote, ” Take care of the Luxuries and the Necessities take care of themselves.”

Thank you El Oceano for helping to shape my dreams.

Happy Wedding Anniversary JJB.  Love you more every day.



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LFW Sunday Supplement #35

September is the best month of the year for me.  It’s still a little warm from the Summer, we have Vogues bumper September Issue to feed on and we have Autumn/Winter  wear to dive into, coats, boots, hats.  Best of all London host’s one of my favourite events, London fashion Week.

September is also my birthday month and my wedding anniversary. I always feel a little blessed in September, and the sun usually shines.

Shine it did for this London Fashion Week, where I’ve seen a good mix of our home grown talent.

Ones to watch gave us new structure on old vibes.  More on these fresh new designers soon.

Paul Costelloe went back to basics with Irish Linen. With amazingly understated linen brilliance.  Amazing shapes and all from one material.

Pam Hogg did her own (very good) thing with all things rock and roll. (This catwalk is just as much a party as a show).  It has the best rock outfits and the best audience to rock stars and rock chic’s to boot!

And the rest, Preen, Belstaff, Ashley Isham,  all so good for us involved in Uk fashion.  Even if you don’t get FROW, and I don’t always, it’s such a charismatic industry to support and report on.

The fashion economy in the UK is now worth an estimated £50 Billion a year. It’s not to be sniffed at folks.

Hurray for LFW. We do this well!

Check for more.

Love DSB X


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Off The Shoulder


I’ve been away.

Busy work week followed by a holiday in France (More about that later).

This last week I have been nodding to the much talked about ‘Off the Shoulder’ trend.  I packed for my holiday carefully chosen off the shoulder tops, shirts, and dresses, ranging from Marks and Spencer’s much hailed White Cold Shoulder to varying black and blue bits from Cos, Zara, H&M.

The thing is, an off the shoulder top is not that easy to wear, the crisp white cotton types are too hot for a day in the sun yet these rather stiff garments don’t like to be tucked into a jacket for the evening.  The slinky types are reserved for parties or special occasions with far too much grip on your assets for a daytime do.

The one, off the shoulder piece I wore all week was a black lace dress from Florence & Fred.  That’s right the best, most wearable version I found costs under £10 and it’s from a supermarket.

This dress has many things going for it, not just because it is under £10.  It is soft and floaty enough to wear in the day, sexy enough to wear at night.  You can wrap this dress in a ball stuff it in your carry-on bag, it won’t crease. Finally, it falls subtly from the bust and so like me you can conceal a multitude of cheese and wine in your much-satisfied holiday tummy underneath. 



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London Collections Men

London Collections Men Spring Summer 2017 was the best all in one place show of Men’swear that I have ever seen in this country.  Surpassing even Florence’s Pitti Uomo our own London show had it all, international press, buyers and a plethora of Menswear from exhibitions to presentations and catwalk shows.

I caught a few catwalk shows in the new showspace for #LCM at 180 The Strand.  Denimn was strong across the 2017 shows particularly at Christopher Shannon and Ximon Lee.  All shows were very urban in theme with any tailoring following the lines of oversized, boxy and cocoon like.  Christopher Raeburn and Sibling showed lots of strong primary colour, they also showed true colours with slogans such as In.

It seems strange writing this on June 27th the day we announced a leave from Europe.  I know not one single person in the fashion industry who choose to vote us our of Europe.  Fashion with its strong fashion houses is so Euro centred.  I cant imagine how the fashion indusrtry would work without Europe they are so intrinsickly linked.

Just in the one business model of fashion, we just cant go it alone, silk is dyed in europe, leather made in Italy, lace in france, some things we can make from scratch in the UK but we dont have the infrasturcture and factories we had 100 years ago let alone the money to pay UK wages.

The fashion business is worth £26 Billion in the Uk at the moment.  We will survive Brixit but at what cost?  I hope to god you have a plan Boris

Love DSB 

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The Statement Necklace – Style Diary #08

My work wardrobe although varied has some no-nonsense staples.  For this season frayed jeans (soft, comfortable denim) clog sandals of various colours and heights, shirts, striped, frilled, plain white and a good smartish jacket.

This last week I’ve found a new staple that I now seem to be wearing every day, behold the statement necklace.  I’ve always been one for scarves and gold chains as my go to neckwear.  I’ve ditched the norm in favour of super chunky, big bold beads.


I’ve kept it quite modern and funky with perspex.  It’s fun ready to wear jewellery.  Pop it on for the perfect day.

Happy Monday

Love DSB x

Both necklaces from British Red Cross Shop, Shoreham By Sea.

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Met Gala 2016

I couldn’t pull myself out of bed this morning.  Not a hangover from the bank holiday but an amazing feed of beautiful people in the most overly sparkly frocks.  I was, of course, on Instagram glued to the morning after last night’s Met Gala.

The annual Met Gala held at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City usually brings a plethora of well-dressed artists, actresses celebrities and models but with a theme this year of Manus x Machina, Fashion in the age of technology, dresses were sparklier, ethereal and altogether more other worldly than before.

Cut out was a major theme as was OTT dressing for the future, Katy Perry turned up with a 90s Tamagotchi around her neck, (that’s a digital pet, for those who don’t know!)

The event is curated (guestlist approved) by US Vogue Editor-In-Chief Anna Wintour who has chaired the event since 1995.

Tickets for the annual invitation-only event reportedly cost £20,5000 ($30,000) and the proceeds go to the museum’s costume institute.

Which made me think, fashion houses make dresses worth millions for the gala, they buy the tickets for the celebrity guests, raising money for The Met.  The Met, in turn, buys dresses from the fashion houses to exhibit, some of the dresses that will be worn by the stars.

It’s a funny old word of fashion swings and roundabouts!

PS Alexa Chung, your my favourite!

Love DSB x

Images; Ghetty Images

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Silver Leather – Style Diary #07

I’ve got a thing for silver leather.  It started last Summer when a lot of brands were using metallics and iridescent looks on leather clothes and accessories.

It was around that time that I got my eye on this bold silver leather Rucksack by Jas MB London. Similar here.

 This Summer the high Streets are embracing the Silver look.  Double silver accessories are ok.  But don’t go OTT or overly fussy. Keep bags boxy and shoes clumpy.  No kitten heels or stilettos for this look, it’s more rucksacks, platform brogues, and loafers.

This season I’m loving Grenson’s Emily shoe in Silver and also the tasseled Clara, but at £210 and £215 they may need to wait until payday.

emily-210202_web clara-210184_web (1)

In the meantime, I’m teaming the bag with these preloved loafers from the British Red Cross Shop in Shoreham.

Wear your silver accessories with jeans and a shirt for a dressed up dress down look. Mix blue, grey black and white.  Cooler tones have more show with a little silver.

Now let’s get spacey

Love DSB x


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Sunday Supplement #31

How glorious has the sun been today?

We were all at home today in what seems like weeks of doing different things.  We decided to walk over to our beach and catch a bit of this year’s Brighton Marathon.

A week of doing other things here and there, Brighton, Shoreham, London makes home seem so much nicer on a Sunday.  Our beach Southwick Beach looked resplendent today with golden sands, still blue sea and big, big sky.

We paused to throw the ball for pups and take in the scene, then we cheered on marathon runners.  12,000 runners this year, just the sixth year since the run began in 2010.  The run has such an international pull to our beautiful city. One your running by the sea, two its a very flat course so good for those PB’s, three it’s Brighton whats not to like go for a run, kick back in Brighton on a Sunday night and take the Monday off work, right?

I pondered this over lunch of a bacon sarnie and coffee in the sun…..

I decided that going forward I, one, need to take more pictures and improve my sky technique, two I should think about running Brighton Marathon and three I’m really quite proud that so many people travel to our fair and dandy city.

Well done to all the runners and Tom, Fran and the team @Brightonmarathon

Love DSB X

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Long Weekend Wardrobe

Love clothes, hate packing?  Me too.

I have a few rules that I try to stick to when packing for a long weekend away, here’s how I (try) to spend less time packing more time weekending!

1/ Choose your clothes around the number of days you have away.  This Easter I have three whole days away plus one day travelling to my destination and one day travelling back. I can wear the same outfit (more or less) on both days of travel, this usually includes comfy jeans, a jumper, flat boots and an outside coat, which doubles for walking the dog.  Therefore less to travel.

 2/ What will your weekend days involve? Long country walks? City visits, friends, family or fancy hotels and posh nosh?  Choose your outfits carefully for the event and day.  I usually try the outfits on in advance to make sure I have the right underwear, shoes and accessories in mind.

3/ Check the weather!  It sounds silly but I’m not the first person to freeze at a festival in August or be washed away in my Jimmy Choo’s at a wedding in a marquee in July.  Should you really wear that bonnet for Easter?

 4/ Choose a look and stick to it. My outfits this weekend consist of boots (high black, high nude, flats), Jeans (Black, Grey and Blue), Blouse (Black, Nude and Blue) Statement Jacket various x 3 and Silk Scarf x 3.  I get confused when I try to mix it up with say palazzo pants, culottes or a maxi dress.  All fine for a one night away wardrobe but the long weekend is a different beast. You should pack what you know works x3, stick to a look and work it.

5/ One handbag.   I know, it’s hard, but I’m putting this out there people.  You can do a long weekend or even a week away with only one bag, albeit a fabulous work hard sort of bag.  Try it, you’ll see.  You will feel refreshed and lighter and altogether more Weekending.

 Have a lovely Easter and bank holiday.

Love DSB X

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Sunday Supplement #28

Here we are in March and it finally feels like the beginning of Spring……finally?

On the South coast, we have been enjoying Spring Tides, when the sea goes far out and there’s a whole lot more beach to enjoy.

Spring Tides so called not because of Spring (though the best ones do happen just now) are named from the cycle of the tide and the moon, it moves in so close then springs back as far as it can like a tidal bungy.


Blue is enjoying a particularly nice time on the beach at the moment. Lots more space to run for a ball, play with other dogs and have a bit of a cooling sea plodge.

As an Island nation it’s important to have a link to the sea, we walk by the sea every day and you can’t help but admire this calm, beautifu,l sometimes angry and aggressive beast.

I’m hoping this year to engage with the Sea a little more, more sea swimming, perhaps some rowing, a little yachting who knows, life is full of surprises and so is the sea……Perhaps I’ll wait until it’s a little bit warmer, maybe just walking and occasional plogding for now.

Have a good week, people.