What a Difference a Week Makes


I thought I’d never leave my single girls flat. How I loved it, almost ten years in the bosom of Brighton & Hove. Victorian Mansion flat, high ceilings, sea views….why would I ever leave? Then came along Mr B and a need for more rooms, our collection of stuff and things grew and grew, we … Read more

Instant Kitchen Table Style


What a grey day it’s turned out! First we had sunshine, followed by showers. Then a rainbow before the sky turned grey and thunder, lightening, hailstones like golf balls…..Got me thinking you can change your home style as quick as a change in the weather. Take my kitchen table and chairs for instance. The chairs … Read more

Parisian Chair Chic – II


What did you get up to this weekend?   Sport, social, work???  European working hours are the longest in the world, so at the weekend it makes sense to kick back and enjoy some time with friends….Why then do we all like a bit of weekend DIY? With home improvement on our minds this weekend … Read more

Shades of Grey and Teal


Moving to a new house we are in the process of thinking about colour palettes.  Mr B’s colour palette consists of Grey….er thats it! ……….Our company logo’s are grey, the sofa is grey and the plant pots are grey! However I’ve been moving to a new hue and its kinda BLUE (that rhymes btw!) In … Read more

The Annie Sloan Effect….

as 2

If I’ve not mentioned it before we are buying a house….on a budget I might add!  Leaving the joys of central Hove for a whole house on a beautifully leafy green just outside of Brighton & Hove. All sounds good so far…well yes except we don’t have gas, central heating or hot water and the … Read more

Love is Like a Butterfly…


It’s all about the house this week at Honest Woman HQ.  Almost completed on our new house and weekend thoughts turned to decoration….. So setting off with only a handful of change, Mr B and I descended upon Brighton car boot sales and flea markets….. Now I’m not a fan of the smell of second … Read more


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