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Winter Garland

I love the smell of December, the whole house is alive with greenery.  Christmas Tree purchased on Sunday and yesterday I put together a Winter Garland in the hall.

It didnt take a long time and it was so inexpensive to create.

Lat week I was given four enourmous pine branches, your florist or nursery will probably source for you.  I bought three branches of Eucaluptus frommy local florist Linden Tree, and cut some fresh Ivy from the garden.

I added the pine first and bound with nylon wire, I call it fishing wire or cat gut.  Then added the eucalyptus and the ivy.

I’ve punctuated the garland at the top middle and bottom with hydrangers which had dried out form the summer.  I’ve added a few baubles and again secured with the nylon wire.

Grab a water spray and sprits for a lovely smell throughout the home.  Keep spraying through the month and you have that lovely Pine smell through Christmas.

Original inspiration taken from Marks and Spencer press day last month.

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Love DSB x

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Sunday Supplement #39


How are you all for a Sunday?

I had a couple of days off this week with Mr. B, no holiday, no time abroad or even an overnight hotel stay.  Instead, we opted for a staycation, that’s right a week at home in the Boston Abode, time to reset, recharge and do all the jobs we had been putting off for an age.

After the first exciting day of work free home togetherness, i.e. lie-ins, takeaways, and netflix.  We found the garden.  I pruned and weeded, deadheaded and fed the flowers.  Mr. B mowed, hoed and dug a trench for the new front fence and lavender patch, more on that in a later post.

Next, we looked to the studio shed, after running denisonboston and BostonandBoston for almost four years from the studio we had a lot to do.  One and a half days and four runs to the local tip later it’s once again become a cool haven at the bottom of the garden for working and writing.

I cut some flowers and greenery from the garden this morning.  Lilac and the last of the Cherry Blossom, Bluebells, and Muscari, and Ivy for a little deep green.  Then as the Instagram obsessive that I am, I took lots of photos of the arranged flowers.  Mr. B took some photos of me and Blue.

Blue is very photogenic and I don’t look bad for an old gal.  Although, I do have to give some credit here to the serum and moisturizer I’ve been using lately.

It’s a new anti-age cream for women.  Eucerin Elasticity + Filler helps to strengthen the skin’s structure by improving elasticity and plumping the appearance of deep wrinkles.

I’ve been using the Eucerin for four weeks now, it’s defo a good combo, I still have wrinkles but they look a whole lot better, plus I have pruned garden and a tidy studio shed, all set for a beaut of a Spring and Summer, hazy days of laughing and gardening and writing ahead!

Love DSB X

PS Please excuse the double denim, trainers and scraped back hair, natural and not always Insta ready!

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Dining Room DIY


Deborah and Jonathan Boston.

Hope you had a smasher of a bank holiday weekend, mine was spent doing a little self inflicted DIY.  This time it was the turn of our Dining Room.

Dining Room Mr & Mrs B

We moved into our house about 18 months ago and one of the first rooms to be given a quick lick was the dining room.

Dining Room Painting

It looked very dated and chintzy, with flowery and stripey wallpaper and beige carpets.  So, with no budget at all we set about reforming the room. I’d been reading Abigail Ahern’s interiors blog, she is a fan of painting rooms in dark hues to create space and warmth. With a huge leap of faith we decided to go to the dark side and painted the whole room a charcoal grey. Gulp!

We pulled up the carpet and painted the floorboards a dark oak. Added velvet curtains and painted table legs and mismatched chairs.

Dining Room Table

The fireplace was just an open space so we decided to paint this gold for a warm glow. …. Tah dah total room make over for the cost of three tins of paint!

Dining Room arch

Fast forward 18 months and while the room has retained its sense of regal classic Victorian style it needed a focal point.

Dining Room Charcoal

Again running three businesses my husband and I are usually cash short but ideas rich, we wanted the look of a traditional fireplace with wood burning stove but without the cost.

Dining Room finished mantle

So we bought a shelf and mirror and enlisted the help of Pa Simpson to fix them up.  We decided to embrace our charcoal walls rather than adding a contrast colour, we painted the mirror and mantle in dark grey, this creates an illusion making the room look bigger.  We bought a gas cylinder burner for a fraction of the cost of a wood burner add a vase of flowers and a candle or two and voila….instant focal point, a warm beautiful dining place complete with focal fire.

Dining Room Mantle and Chair

What do you think?  Would you go to the dark side?

Dining Room Flowers

Love DSB X 

Sarah Arnett lamp and cushion by Lampara available on Boston&Boston

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Now is the Moment to Rescue a Wreck

Deborah and Jonathan Boston.

Late last year me and Mr B moved into our new home.  We had gone from a very trendy central Hove location, regency mansion building, sea views.  The location was amazing but after 10 years in a beautiful flat the size and potential of it had become exhausted.

Deborah and Jonathan Boston.

So we made the move out of Brighton & Hove to a small village, Southwick.  Its a real traditional English village with a medieval church and a cricket green.  Our Estate Agent congratulated us, “Well done, she said, You have bought the worst house on the best street in Southwick”.  It wasnt until we moved in that we realised how bad it was, no gas to the building, no hot water and no central heating to any of its eleven rooms.

Deborah and Jonathan Boston.

After the initial panic we set to work employing a heating engineer and we began to chip away at every other room in the house.  Having three businesses our objective was to do the place up without spending a fortune.  By doing most things ourselves (with a huge amount of help from my folks), and with a lot of elbow grease and paint, after 6 months we have completed phase one on a budget of less than £10,000 and we think that we have put an estimated £50,000 on the property.

The Times 9.05.14

The Times newspaper liked our story so much they sent a photographer and journalist to take pics and write about it.  Read it here.

So I thought I’d share some of our pics and some of my tips.


Here’s my top ten tips on doing up a wreck.

1/ Have a vision, buy the worst house in the best street.  You can make it better.

2/ Do it Yourself. I didnt know I could do half of the stuff I have this past 6 months

3/ If in doubt paint it out.  Paint covers a multitude of sins. We painted over wallpaper in some rooms and it’s a good quick fix to strengthening walls to literally painting over the cracks!

4/ Go to the dark side. Check out blogs from leading interior designers such as Abigail Ahern. Dark hues rock!

5/ Rip up carpets. Instead of sanding floorboards we painted ours a dark oak thoughout, front to back, this creates the illusion of more space.

6/ Dont buy new, we took our old furnture and painted it and shopped in second hand/antique  stores for unwanted furniture. One man’s rubbish is another mans treasure.

7/ Dont buy new curtains.  We took our expensive tailor made curtains from the old flat and had a local seamstress make two sets of curtains and two pelmets out of the fabric!

8/ Dont buy a new kitchen. We cleaned our kitchen with sugar soap and painted the kitchen doors, laminated the worksurfaces in pretend grey slate, put on new door knobs – we bought a new oven, the old one wasnt safe. It feels like a new kitchen!

9/ We hung some new art to add a touch of the modern to a Victorian restored building, bought printed cushions and lampshades. Mix it up! Old and new works.

10/ Paint the door. We painted the door.  Added a new number and placed pot plants ourside.

Voila We have a new home.  Bring on phase 2 and outside office and phase 3 the extension.  Have I mentioned the outside loo?  There’s always a place for that.  So keen to get that working.

So, don’t delay, buy a doer upper and right that wreck to the max!


PS Thanks to Andrew Hasson for some fab photos.

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Dec The Halls

Shopping for Christmas trees the possibilities are endless, Pine? Spruce? Fir? where to begin? First things first. How big do you want your tree? Theres no point buying a 9 foot tree when you only have a small space. Measure the space. If your space is small go for potted trees or more than one. Clusters of small table trees look good or perhaps you don’t go for a tree at all and opt for seasonal foliage or flowers?

If you do go for a tree you could always take away the bottom branches which allows the tree to drink more water (thus reducing needles falling) and this gives you some extra branches to play with.

This year we have opted for a Noble Fir. Big feathery branches in a silvery blue hue of green. I’ve kept decorations on the tree simple in shades of teal, turquoise and silver to complement the dark teal colour of the room.

With the extra branches I’ve made a wreath for the door and a focal point for the mantle by adding eucalyptus leaves, twinkly lights and a couple of decorative pheasants! Sounds odd but it works.

The house is a beautiful mix of pine and eucalyptus with hues of teal, green, blue and silvery twinkly lights and candles!

Oh I love Christmas, beautiful natural decorations, and that fresh tree smell, I’d like a tree all year around! I’ll be satisfied with Christmas!

Now for the curtains and fire! ……A women’s work is never done!








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Shades of Grey and Teal


Moving to a new house we are in the process of thinking about colour palettes.  Mr B’s colour palette consists of Grey….er thats it! ……….Our company logo’s are grey, the sofa is grey and the plant pots are grey!


However I’ve been moving to a new hue and its kinda BLUE (that rhymes btw!) In our current flat we stained the floor a dark oak, opted for white walls and soft grey furnishings, grey rug, grey leather sofa (the softest in the world from DFS) and then I hung bluey/teal velvet curtains, found some matching teal cushions and remembered I had a suite of teal coloured Habitat stemwear….Handy!


After living with our shades of grey and hue’s of blue – I kinda like it……I think they will remain the basis for the colour palate of the new home….you never know we may be daring and opt for a shade a little darker!

Windows and shuttersLove


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Love is Like a Butterfly…

doubebutterflyIt’s all about the house this week at Honest Woman HQ.  Almost completed on our new house and weekend thoughts turned to decoration…..

So setting off with only a handful of change, Mr B and I descended upon Brighton car boot sales and flea markets…..

Now I’m not a fan of the smell of second hand shops but I can sniff out a bargain be it slightly pongy or otherwise….and look what treasures we found!

photo2Tropical butterfly taxidermy was the order of the day….very of the moment…..its ticks the boxes for me something natural and beautiful to look at and its very interesting….

Of course now I shall need to invent a story about how they are a family heirloom and how Great Uncle Bernard caught them whilst researching botany  in the Cooks……or shall I be related to Darwin?……Oh the dinner party fun that can can be had with these beauties!



Mrs B X 

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Fashion Style, Home Style, Wedding Style, Life Style……


A diary full of notes on how to style my own wedding in only six months which turned into a blog on wedding style tips as I went along the wedding planning journey.  After I became an honest woman I continued to share my experiences and working as a fashion PR they tend to have a fashion focus…….. So, Diary of an Honest Woman is just that my honest account, opinions, tips and musings on not only wedding style but fashion style, home style, hotel style life style……..


mian copy TEAL