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Win Prints to Change Your Home

I recently added some simple wordy prints to brighten my home from those clever people at  they look amazing. Witty funny prints that would work almost anywhere.

I’ve teamed up with Cloud2print to give away three of these stunning prints.

All you need to do for a chance to win is follow me on Instagram @diaryofanhonestwoman

Tag any friends who may like to win.

Follow Cloud2print on instagram @cloud2print

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One week to play competition closes on Tuesday 17th April at 11pm.

T’s & C’s Apply

Good Luck!

Love DSB X

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Victorian Christmas Table

We travel up to the North East for Christmas to the house I grew up in, in Durham.  We all share the cooking on the big day but the table decoration is always my domain.

This year my theme is around a Victorian Christmas Table.  I bought an old linen tablecloth and napkins from my local British Red Cross shop, these were in the bargain bin as they were tea stained so I took them home and dyed them a smoke grey.

I bought crystal candlesticks and candelabras as the top table dressing for my wedding from a Florist Supplier, and I’ve used them here in all shapes and sizes.  You don’t need crystal, try grouping brass candlesticks or silver together as the centre piece for your table.  Don’t use coloured candles, plain white candles work best.

Play around with foliage, a long string of Ivy, Eucalyptus and Pine are used here, but you can use anything, go foraging for driftwood, brambles, holly and sticks.

Add a little sparkle, crystal, baubles, more lights.  I’ve finished with vintage crystal glasses and gold cutlery.

Enjoy your day

Most items were sourced second hand from British Red Cross Shop Shoreham by Sea.

Wine Carafe – LSA

Love DSB x

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Sunday Supplement #40 – The Other Room

Last weekend I had some of my best friends come to visit, delighted to have visitors I set about sorting the spare room and ‘the other room’.  The spare room was not difficult, my parents stay with us a lot, quick sweep, change of linen, done.  To properly accommodate my friend her husband and two children would mean me tackling The Other Room.

The other room has been many things, an office studio before we built the studio shed.  A bedroom while decorating the spare room and latterly my walk in wardrobe, a study for writing and studio for taking most of my photographs.  It’s also a gatherer of dust, books, magazines, excess tut.

I cleaned and took out all of the tut.  I hung some pictures and made a gallery wall of sorts.  It’s a bit thrown together, I’ve just chucked up a couple of charity shop old paintings and some wedding pictures, I don’t know if it’s all those beautiful people smiling back at me but I like it, it’s kinda chinzy and cozy, I’ve dotted the room with candles and flowers and added a painting I’ve been working on, Grey Storm.

Hmmm, let’s say the painting is a work in progress…..and I need new cushions, but give it time.  In other news, our dire weather has had me reaching for the fake tan.  Skinny Tan sent me a box of lovely products.  As well as the tan mousse, they sent me exfoliator mitt, primer, applicator mitt and a detailed list of how to do it.  I now have a healthy glow, no streaks and importantly non-orange palms!

I’ve also this week felt that seasonal change in skin, not sure if its more walking the dog or exposure to the elements (I can’t really say the sun can I?).  So I’ve been reaching for a moisturizer to combat, tired, uneven lackluster skin.  This Bio-Radiance Face Cream from Christopher Courtney London really works.

As soon as you apply this authentic, ethical, luxurious cream you can feel it tingling and working.  It smells incredible and of course, it’s all natural and made in the UK.  If you don’t  know this company follow this link.

All photographs by me, have a fab week, I’m going to work on the other room.

Love DSB X

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How to Upcycle a Kitchen Dresser

Have you seen the recent trend for dark navy or very deep blue kitchens? I’ve been lusting over these dark kitchens from Devol for ages.  They look so luxurious and expensive.


With our extension put off until next year and no budget for a new kitchen, we set about upcycling our existing circa 1980’s Kitchen for the second time.

We visited B&Q and choose a dark shade of Valspar paint suitable for Kitchen units.  It only took us around a day to paint (twice)  we finished the look, I like to call it Dark Shaker with brass handles and white walls.

So the kitchen was finished but not finished….It lacked something.

It took a couple of weeks but I snooped around furniture shops then charity shops and finally, I found a Kitchen Dresser. Pine, in need of TLC, £110.  I snapped it up!

Now rather handily I had the dresser delivered on Saturday morning, Mr. B had it painted by Saturday lunchtime and he fitted brass handles on Saturday night.

We left it to dry thoroughly overnight.  The next day it was ready to dress and ready for bank holiday guests.

Painting it in a dark blue hue took it from 1990’s staple pine kitchen kit to sleek, luxe loveliness for a tiny cost.

What do you think?  Are you tempted to take your Kitchen to the dark side?  Drop me a line and let me know….

Love DSB X


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Sunday Supplement #39


How are you all for a Sunday?

I had a couple of days off this week with Mr. B, no holiday, no time abroad or even an overnight hotel stay.  Instead, we opted for a staycation, that’s right a week at home in the Boston Abode, time to reset, recharge and do all the jobs we had been putting off for an age.

After the first exciting day of work free home togetherness, i.e. lie-ins, takeaways, and netflix.  We found the garden.  I pruned and weeded, deadheaded and fed the flowers.  Mr. B mowed, hoed and dug a trench for the new front fence and lavender patch, more on that in a later post.

Next, we looked to the studio shed, after running denisonboston and BostonandBoston for almost four years from the studio we had a lot to do.  One and a half days and four runs to the local tip later it’s once again become a cool haven at the bottom of the garden for working and writing.

I cut some flowers and greenery from the garden this morning.  Lilac and the last of the Cherry Blossom, Bluebells, and Muscari, and Ivy for a little deep green.  Then as the Instagram obsessive that I am, I took lots of photos of the arranged flowers.  Mr. B took some photos of me and Blue.

Blue is very photogenic and I don’t look bad for an old gal.  Although, I do have to give some credit here to the serum and moisturizer I’ve been using lately.

It’s a new anti-age cream for women.  Eucerin Elasticity + Filler helps to strengthen the skin’s structure by improving elasticity and plumping the appearance of deep wrinkles.

I’ve been using the Eucerin for four weeks now, it’s defo a good combo, I still have wrinkles but they look a whole lot better, plus I have pruned garden and a tidy studio shed, all set for a beaut of a Spring and Summer, hazy days of laughing and gardening and writing ahead!

Love DSB X

PS Please excuse the double denim, trainers and scraped back hair, natural and not always Insta ready!

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How to Make an Entrance

When we moved into our house just over three years ago decorating the hallway as not a priority.  We had no central heating and no hot water so the hall and staircase got a lick of white paint over the existing wallpaper.  Now we didn’t hate this wallpaper but didn’t love it either.  With some well chosen artwork and wedding and family snaps we created a gallery wall up the staircase to hide our ‘Meh’ wall.

As time went on the hall irritated me more and more.  I loved what we created with the gallery but by now I hated the wallpaper in fact that’s all I could see.

When I suggested to Mr B that we should take off the wall paper he was not at all keen.  It will be a nightmare! Take too long! Make the house like a bomb site etc….

So when Mr B announced he had a week working in New York I had the perfect chance for a fab surprise.  I bought a wallpaper steamer and set about taking off the paper.  The paper came off quite easily but what I didn’t calculate was just what was left.  Walls that were crumbling and in need of sanding, and a staircase that went on forever.  When Mr B arrived home from his week in the States he got a surprise alright but possibly not the surprise I had intended.

After the initial shock (grounds for divorce if ever there were!) we worked together to smooth and paint the walls.  We decided on a dramatic colour scheme of dark and light.  Brilliant white paint for the top half of the staircase wall and Deep Space Echo a very dark almost black green from B&Q’s Valspar range. 

We were keen not to have a dado rail so Mr B drew an imaginary line halfway up the wall which has worked wonderfully as a backdrop to our mostly black and white gallery.

We finished up by flooding the floor with a dark oak floor varnish from Wickes own range. 

What do you think?  Would you go to the dark side? I love the contrast and now I’m delighted to open the door to nothing less than a dramatic entrance. 

Love DSB X